– Champions for the VA Caregiver Program

Military Network Radio with Linda Kreter and Les Davis presents: – Champions for the VA Caregiver Program

Tom Spooner
Navy veteran Lauren Price joins our show to discuss the many steps she and her organization, Veteran-Warriors have taken to clarify and improve the VA Caregiver Program. This is a worthy program, able to help many if only the past challenges of disparity in program delivery, communication to veterans and their caregivers, and eligibility clearly understood. The veteran community is very understanding when programs are understood — and less patient when those caring for veterans are divided by the new confusing and difficult-to-understand eligibility in the MISSION Act.

Lauren and her husband, Jim Price, started Veteran-Warriors to help veterans of every era, and soon found enormous workloads with managing those participating in the VA Caregiver Program. In spite of inclusion at Caregiver Advisory Board meetings, communication with Senate and House VA Committees, this program has proven to be divisive between eras of veterans — unnecessarily.

With thousands of case reviews, appeal reviews, and top-level contacts, Veteran Warriors, with the assistance of NVLSP (National Veterans Legal Services Program), and Sidley Austin, LLP, with fellow petitioners Andrew and Kristi Sheets is taking the VA to court. The goal is to be heard on the legislative changes not taken, the VA’s ignoring of over 200 comments in the Federal Register by fellow VSO’s, and the non-curing of prior challenges in the Caregiver Program from 2011 to present.

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