Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Knows Few Boundaries

Military Network Radio and Linda Kreter with Co-host Jason McNamara presents:

Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Knows Few Boundaries

Licensed Clinical Social Workers Sara Eichstaedt (VA) and Tamara Thompson (DoD) join us for a candid discussion on Military Sexual Trauma (MST).  Sexual assault is not about sex, but about violence, power, and control. MST occurs across age, gender, ethnicity, rank, religion, and conflicts. Due to high non-reporting (71% – 81%), statistics are challenging to confirm, but MST (sexual assault or rape) occurs in men in equal numbers to women. Male on male MST is lesser known, and all MST is unacceptable. VA provides treatment regardless of reporting or documentation.

Hazing and bullying has reached the media, and trauma requires specialty care — but healing is possible. New emphasis is on preventing retaliation, one of the deterrents to reporting. Men and women differ in the physical and emotional needs following MST.

Tamara discusses the active duty response to MST, and Sara shares the VA perspective in supporting treatment and recovery. Both agencies are committed to prevention, and continuing care for service member survivors of sexual assault.   We will take a frank look at the facts and progress made to address the treatment and the prevention of this serious behavior. Our service members and veterans gain two strong voices in this broadcast.

Click below to listen live, or click here to download the podcast: Also available 24/7 in iTunes.  Air date: 26Apr2020.

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