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Positive Personal Growth
10 November 2015
Linda Kreter presents Military Network Radio: Louis Alloro is a leader in the science of Positive Psychology and shares how the science (and power) of choices leads to personal growth. In working with both civilian and veteran families, these same principles can be adapted to the additional topics of core strength and resilience. While military families thrive in achieving this, there is always room for personal growth and new directions if you choose. Louis is also involved in The Flourishing Center and you can find out more at www.LouisAlloro.com.
Voting, Vets & Why We Need More Vets in Elected Office
3 November 2015
Linda Kreter presents Military Network Radio: Veterans are especially well suited to lead teams, convert goals into action and complete missions – but they are under-represented in elected office and too often fail to vote. Bob Carey and Jennifer Korn, members of the RNC Military & Veteran Engagement Programs join us for a non-partisan discussion about raising mil/vet voter participation, electing veterans to office, and having your voice heard in policy and practice. Jason McNamara joins Linda as co-host today.

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