LuLaRoe Supports American Military Heroes

Military Network Radio and Linda Kreter with Co-host Sandra Beck presents:

LuLaRoe Supports American Military Heroes

LuLaRoe Supports American Military Heroes

DeAnne Stidham is the co-founder and CEO of LuLaRoe, a fashion company leading by example, creating freedom, serving others, and strengthening families. From a simple skirt, DeAnne and husband Mark have created a wildly successful company that honors military and veteran families daily. DeAnne shares her philosophy of creating a community that achieves through empathy, excellence, and rewarding the best we do.

Veteran Rachel Norton returned from deployment with a Bronze Star – and a difficult transition to civilian life. An Army nurse, she came home to divorce, loss of her home, income, with confusion, overwhelm, and PTSD as she transitioned. Her restored trust and joy came through achievement with LuLaRoe, and her network today is full of other veterans, nurses, and military families.

Seth and Lindsey Wheeler are a Special Forces family (now retired), with many deployments, absences, and long times apart. Lindsey knew she had to fill her time with purpose while Seth served, since loneliness and fear can lead to bigger problems. She succeeded with LuLaRoe and Seth and Lindsey have now started a non-profit to help Special Forces families and Gold Star widows and children:

Giving and serving others is typical of military families, and this show will inspire and motivate. For more information, go to As DeAnne says: “At tough times, we excel, accept, and reward the best we do!”

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Everyone serves and together we make a difference.

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