Oral History and Tradition: The Untold Story of the Holley Boys

Military Network Radio and Linda Kreter, with Co-host Jason McNamara presents:

Oral History and Tradition: The Untold Story of the Holley Boys

Michael Keene

Michael Keene, author and USMC Vietnam Veteran became the voice of small town America with his story of Holley, NY, population 1,500, which lost 8 talented, cherished, and patriotic young men to war during the Vietnam era.

Oral history, and sharing experiences that sometimes are never spoken of is time-honored in our experience. Michael shares how this story found him, compelling the need to write his book and emphasizing our perhaps unknown history, traditions, the community that mourns, and our human need for connection to others.

Today the world is larger, often less engaged while more “connected”. Can a community experience PTSD? We think so and rural and small town America still provides large numbers who serve. A compelling story and one with much to consider long after our sign-off. More at ad-hoc-productions.com. Michael’s book: “Vietnam Reflections: The Untold Story of the Holley Boys” is here http://bit.ly/HolleyBoysBook.

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