Spinal Cord Injury & Family Life

Military Network Radio and Linda Kreter presents:

Spinal Cord Injury & Family Life

Michael Paul is an Army veteran of the Gulf War and personally lives with spinal cord injury while serving his fellow vets through advocacy and his new organization, On Target 4 Veterans (http://www.ot4v.org).

Christopher Neiweem is an Army veteran of OIF and Kuwait whose work following active duty service includes continuing service to his fellow veterans with legislative, advocacy, and Hill roles.  He is an expert on veterans with disabilities with positions at MOAA, WWP, Spinal Cord Association and more.

Learn and better understand the challenges, the legislative hurdles, and the personal victories of those with spinal cord injuries and those of their families. Medical advances and support make life richer than ever before.

Click here to download the podcast http://bit.ly/MNR-SCIFamilies. Click below to listen live; also available 24/7 on-demand in iTunes podcasts under Military Network Radio.  Air date 18Jul2017.

Everyone serves and together we make a difference.

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