PTSD/TBI and Veteran Treatment Courts

Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio with Co-host Tosombra Kimes presents:

PTSD/TBI and Veteran Treatment Courts

Dominick Yezzo, J.D.
New York native, Dominick Yezzo, J.D., injured Vietnam Army veteran and now Veteran Treatment Courts advocate shares how diversion to a Veteran Treatment Court versus standard legal recourse (where appropriate) is saving many young veterans and their families.

Every war experience brings changes to the soldier, airmen, sailor, or marine, and a legal system that recognizes PTSD and TBI symptoms that cause substance abuse, anger, Intimate Partner Violence, homelessness, can bring a positive outcome for many returning vets who fall afoul of the law. This is no “easy out”, but a judge and multiple resources (VA mandated care, weekly contact, mentors, and a structure to provide a framework for correction. The success rate is 80% and there are close to 200 VTC’s nationwide.

VTC has the power to direct life toward treatment and redemption. More at and Dominick’s book is here:

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