Gulf War Vets and Families: Update & Retrospective

Military Network Radio and Linda Kreter, with Co-host Tosombra Kimes presents:

Gulf War Vets & Families: Update & Retrospective

Dr. Dave Hatfield is a Gulf War veteran and on the Advisory Board at The Center for Healthcare Research, specializing in research on Gulf War Illness. Gulf War veteran Les Davis works at McKesson and has a personal passion for veteran employment and mentorship.  Both feel the impact and the continuing responsibility of serving in this brief, but highly impactful war conflict. The Gulf Wars, with their short durations, introduction to new toxins (sarin and oil well fires) continues today with the conditions for some of our OIF/OEF/New Dawn veterans.

Gulf War Illness has shown birth and development effects on the children of Gulf War veterans. Spouses have noticed toxic skin reactions, and numerous additional conditions confound researchers, even as the principal research has ceased for the root causes. In the tenth and final report on Gulf War Illness mandated by Congress, many of the medical conditions shared by many Gulf War vets still have no known cause today. Few of the big VSOs address their services to the Gulf War vets, and many communicate with each other on numerous closed Facebook pages and specific websites and we cannot forget them.

Learn more about these quiet troops in what some call a “video war” for being the first war brought into your living room on television, and how you can support them and their families today. Click here to download the show or click below to listen now. Also available on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.  Air date, 27Sep2016.

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