PTSD is in My Home…

Military Network Radio with Linda Kreter and Co-host Pamela Stokes Eggleston presents:

PTSD is in My Home…

Dr. Harry Croft, Army veteran and private practice psychiatrist with particular focus on vets and PTSD shares his perspectives on how PTSD can hover in each room of your home. Dinner not as expected? Backfire heard from the driveway? Kids not bringing their friends home? Dr. Croft has worked with over 7,000 soldiers and is a master storyteller.

He shares suggestions on how to better connect, communicate, and manage life with PTSD to the fullest, including seeking and sticking with treatment, the effect on children in the home, and realistic scenarios you’ll relate to! The symptoms of PTSD can make life hell, or with treatment that works for you, turn your house into a home again.

Download the podcast 24/7 here:, or listen live by clicking below. Find out more about Dr. Croft at  Air date, 23Aug2016.

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