Homeschooling Option for MilKid/Family Education Flexibility

Military Network Radio and Linda Kreter with Co-host Justin Constantine presents:

Homeschooling Option for MilKid/Family Education Flexibility

Mariel Barreras and Shannon Kolvalcik chose home schooling for their military children as an option that worked well for their families. Military families find that it may be the best educational option for the family, since frequent moves, the different educational policies in each state, and the varying accommodations at the installation can be challenging.

Homeschooling permits flexibility to individualize children’s education and use their personal talents, permits more family time with the demands of deployment or assignments, and offers strong camaraderie and support from fellow home-schooler peers. With virtual schools available, parents can choose curricula for full-time or enriched subject matter and classes. Standards vary per state, but military families who choose home schooling enrich their children’s education daily. More information may be found at For enrichment options, go to

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