Autism and the Military Family

Military Network Radio and Linda Kreter with Co-host Pamela Stokes Eggleston present:

Autism and the Military Family

Scott Fowler is a former educator, school principal, and central office administrator with over 135 special needs educators and their families in Virginia.  Today Scott uses his expertise as an autism and developmental disabilities consultant, author, and speaker to help families. He is the primary facilitator for his 8-year old son who is autistic.

Living the life as a caregiver personally, and supporting others professionally, Scott is uniquely suited to sharing his experiences and how they relate to special needs families in the military. Military families often find the diagnostic odyssey a trial and he can assist from early diagnosis and interventions to college/employment advising. Importantly, he also instructs first responders in how to approach and best manage autistic persons to reduce the societal misunderstandings and potential escalation of issues.  

You are not alone on this journey. Here is a candid, practical, and informative session you won’t want to miss! You can reach Scott on LinkedIn or at; or through Twitter.

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