Tango on the Balcony: Film That Matters

Military Network Radio with Linda Kreter & Co-host Pamela Stokes Eggleston presents:

Tango on the Balcony: Film That Matters

Minos Papas and Michael Day, Director and Producers of Tango On the Balcony have created a compelling, realistic portrayal of one veterans return home from combat and trauma. Tango On the Balcony is a short fictional film based on extensive research about an Iraqi war veteran in NYC.

Throughout this powerful film, the topics of PTSD, moral injury, isolation, emotional challenges, self-medicating, anxiety, hypervigilance and more are depicted with great empathy and sensitivity. Tango will be valuable in educating both the public and veteran families to the real struggles of reintegration.

Tango on the Balcony will be featured in the prestigious GI Film Festival in Washington, DC on May 29th.  The film is complex and provocative, using actual combat and helmet camera footage for authenticity.  Experience both reality and healing in this powerful film.  Find more information at www.TangoOntheBalcony.com, and https://www.facebook.com/tangobalcony.

The film teaser/trailer is here: https://vimeo.com/148653612. Information on the GI Film Festival is here: www.GIFilmFestival.com. Click to download the podcast: http://bit.ly/TOBshow, or click below to Listen Live. Also available on demand 24/7 in iTunes podcasts under Military Network Radio.  Air date, 12Apr2016.

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