Music Therapy for PTSD, Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Military Network Radio with Linda Kreter & co-host Justin Constantine presents:

Music Therapy for PTSD, Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Bill Protzmann is the Chief Inspiration Officer at Music Care, Inc., and on a mission to support music as readily accessible and effective for self-care. Our vets and their families will benefit from understanding of a universally available tool to raise spirits and to connect to each other: Music.

Bill is a highly accomplished musician, performance pianist, and entertainer. In 2011, he began sharing music with military audiences and a focus on providing education in music as a complementary therapy for PTS, depression, and anxiety, while also supporting patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Music has been used by the VA since WWII, and many with chronic, long-term PTS have found help and a new willingness to talk with others after sharing music. Certain compositions and songs evoke strong memories; including healthy emotional release of fear, anger, happiness, and sadness. Music is the great unifier; and available nearly everywhere, including your smartphone!

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