Transitioning, Networking & Boots to Loafers

Military Network Radio with Linda Kreter & co-host Justin Constantine presents:

Transitioning, Networking & Boots to Loafers

John Phillips is a networking wizard, a transition expert, and author of the book and organization Boots to Loafers.

Most importantly, John mentors and leads among his service brothers and sisters, and doesn’t sugarcoat the steps required to transition well.  In fact, his own experiences make him a poster child for always knowing your value and how to best communicate it to others for advancement.

Hate networking?  Learn and do it. Don’t like your resume or LinkedIn Profile? Fix it and make it sing. Aren’t “plugged in” with others where you work or want to work?  Step up and become involved. Much of what you need to know and do is already within you. 

Listen Live by clicking below or download 24/7 here: Also available in iTunes under Military Network Radio. Air date 09Feb2016.

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