Who is this Stranger in My House

Military Network Radio with Linda Kreter presents:

Who is this Stranger in My House?
Traumatic Brain Injury & HBOT for Alternative Therapy

Chuck and Liz Rotenberry had experienced the joys of reuniting after a devastating deployment with injury – and learned over time about Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI. Pregnant with their 4th child, Liz did not accept that Chuck had to “live with it” and the resulting mood changes, memory issues, and communication issues. She sought out HBOT, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Chuck found significant success. They share their story and their journey to help other TBI veterans. Read more here: http://homelandmagazine.com/?p=864.

Cara Mae Melton of Heal the Warriors in Virginia joins the broadcast to share her experience as a veteran and the healing process she forwards with HBOT. While not for everyone, it is an option to consider when other treatments have proven ineffective. Each TBI is different, and so too the treatment. Download podcast here: http://bit.ly/TBI_HBOT or Listen Live by clicking below. Podcast is also syndicated and available in iTunes under Military Network Radio.  Air date 02Jun2015.

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