Combat TBI and the Family

Military Network Radio and Linda Kreter presents:

Combat TBI and the Family

Traumatic Brain Injury is still seeking a “standard of care” to include therapies such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) and goes beyond the initial “rest and accept” theories. Guests GySgt Chuck Rotenberry and his caregiver wife, Elizabeth Rotenberry have seen remarkable physical and psychological results from HBOT. The Rotenberry’s have started a non-profit to raise funds for other injured veterans called Walking Point for PTSD and TBI with more information here: (

Cara Mae Melton of the Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy Center shares how assisting veterans with HBOT is growing as the veteran (and often directed by the family) takes treatment choices into their own hands. Please research complementary and alternative therapies that best suit your family; pushing the limits is proving providential in many cases.

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